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Cosmic Connection

A Resource for Amateur Astronomers and Space Enthusiasts -- Worldwide. For all ages, onsite translation tool provided, Safesurf rated. Content includes international launches, current (AP) space news, educational space science, Astronomy-for-Kids page with links to books, magazines, glossaries, educational information, activities and games, everything Mars and much more . . .

Fun N Learn

An interactive Java applet for kids to help learn and recognize the alphabets, while having fun.

Googol Power

GOOGOLS OF FUN! The place that makes memorization of math facts exciting. Free worksheets, online music videos, audio downloads, Crazy4Math Ideas, Math Facts Challenge and googols of fun! The home of the award winning Googol Power Math Series.

Kindersite Project

The Kindersite has 1,000s of links to the best Games, Songs and Stories for young children. The Kindersite is designed for child-care, pre-school, kindergartens, elementary, primary schools and Special needs plus home school, libraries and the home. In fact everywhere where young children access computers.


Pls do include in the kids has games,puzzles ,coloring sheets and more.